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Architectural Lighting Design

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Architectural Lighting Design

Our basic Lighting Design services are offered through a traditional phased design approach.  During the Conceptual & Schematic Design phase we meet with clients to better understand project requirements, goals, and overall design intent. We encourage owners and designers to develop creative ideas and take ownership of the potential lighting for a project. After documenting the initial lighting layouts and ideas in drawing format, we move to the Design Development phase so that design details and lighting equipment can be proposed for further review and refinement. During the Construction Document phase, we ensure that the design meets all pertinent code limitations and requirements for governmental permitting, and will prepare final drawings, fixture specifications, and lighting load calculations to allow for competitive pricing of the design. During Construction of the project, we will coordinate with the Builder to ensure that all lighting design details are correctly integrated and that all fixtures are properly located, aimed, and focused, per the intent of the documented design.

When custom light fixtures are desired, we can provide for full scale mock-ups, detailed design, and final fabrication for installation into your project. This type of custom design work is a favorite of ours, so we look forward to hearing your ideas!

We will happily provide you with a detailed proposal for services that will be custom tailored to your needs and budget. Please contact us for more information.